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Interview to Lu * By Kousen Luminor Support
....Do you think, a person who loves intensively and gets deeply hurt, can ever love as intensive as before? (SaKi)
Yes, I'm afraid so. Love is damn stupid, isn't it?

How do you imagine your solo carreer? (SaKi)
There is no specific concept. My music will distinctly differ from this that you know from my band period. I want to become a solo artist ... in every way.

Do you want to write songs and music on your own? Or will you get help, e.g. from experienced songwriters or members of other bands?
How about a live band or do you want to be alone on stage for singing? (SaKi)
That all remains to be seen ... Of course, you need a band. But they should stay on the sideline. My further plans are mainly about myself. Writing on my own is difficult for me at this time ... therefore it would be helpful to find ways of expressing what I want to say or feel together with songwriters.

How do you celebrate Christmas? (Kiri, Anne, Ella)
Depends. I hate Christmas and actually I am glad when it's over.

How do you celebrate New Year's Eve? (Kiri, Anne, Ella, Nastya)
See Christmas.

Do you make any resolutions for the new year? If yes, which? (Ella, Luminor No Selene Forum)
No, I don't make any. You never know how things will develop.

What do you expect from the new year? (Luminor no Selene Forum)
That it won't be absolute hell like the last year was for me.

This new year was a new start for you with DNR. I was very happy to see you back on stage. Now I want to ask you if you are happy to be back on stage again? How does it feel after such a long time? (Zeynep Valo Soysal)
For me, it was like coming home. But it felt a thousand times better than ever before.

Did you plan a long time ago to give a concert together with DNR? (Anne)
Not in concrete terms, cause I was bound, but as soon as I was free, we did speak about this, yes.

Do you want to perform in the Czech Republic? Do you want to visit Prague?
I would love to do so ... Prague interests me very much and I always wanted to visit this city.

When will you enter the stage in Italy? (Ella)
I hope very soon! The negotiations already began, though I have nothing to do with the organization of the concerts.

Which impression do you have from the Moscow show? What do you think about this city? (Helga von Violet)
I really didn't have the chance to get to know this city, only hotel, airport and club. The concert itself was magnificent for me.

Is it still being planned to come back to Moscow? (Lena) / Do you plan to give concerts in Russia? (Ann)
Yes, Russia continues to be on the books.

What about other Russian cities? Do you think, you would ever do a whole tour through Russia? (Nastya)
There will definitely be visits in other cities but if there will be a tour through the whole country I can't forsee now.

Are there any artists besides DNR you will work together with in 2010?
By now there are no concrete plans.

Did you ever think of recording a duet with Ville Valo? (Ella)
Of course, this would be a perfect dream ...... But sad to say, I don't have his phone number to ask him if he feels like doing this right now ...

Which are your five favourite songs of Sarah Brightman? (Hannah)
Difficult to answer, cause I like too many. Anyways, among them are „Les fleurs du mal“, „No one like you“, „Gloomy sunday“, „Eden“, „An ocean between us“.

Which is your favourite song of Cher?
This is difficult ... she made so much music ... In any case among my favourites count „Save up all your tears“ and „If I could turn back time“.

How did you come across Tarja Turunen for the first time? (Elisabeth)
Well, just through Nightwish .....

Are photoshootings a pleasant part of your job as an artist? (Elisabeth)
Yes, I would say so. Myself, I'm enjoying doing it and there are no problems. Photographers enjoy working with me.

In your opinion, does a text have a melody or does a melody have a text?
I don't really get this question ...

For you, is a live concert an artistical presentation of songs with the help of further components like stage design etc.? (Elisabeth)
Yes, this is the optimum you can reach. It would be fantastic to create an own world with own songs.

Do you have a Youtube channel? There is a „Luminor Official“ channel and I would like to know if it's really made by you. (Kiri)
No. Probably one of my numerous fakes. (Annotation by SaKi: This Youtube channel is made by a common friend of Luminor and myself: Kalli! So it's not a fake at all!)

Which was the most beautiful/most interesting fan present that you got in the last year/over all? (Anne)
There were so many so beautiful presents made with much love. You can't assign places for them.

Are you taken at the moment? (Anne)

Will you attend a HIM concert (if you have time for)? (Melanie)
I hope, I'll have the opportunity.

Was the image of Cinema Bizarre too „young“ for you? It seemed like they were too „childish“? (Ann)
I wouldn't say so. The basic idea, that was behind CB back then, I was very pleased with. The development in time made me unhappy though.

What do you think about the break-off of Cinema Bizarre? Finally, you evolved the idea of the band? (Ann)
This was forseeable and it doesn't touch me emotionally at all.

Was the Gothic image always important for you? (Ann)
It is no image. You can name it like this if you like. But, honestly, I don't care if there is a category or name for my appearance.

When do you get up in the morning? (Ann)
Am I ever really awake?

What is it that fascinates you on the goup DNR? (Ann)
DNR are whole-blood musicians. They develop everything on their own – everything – they all have their instruments down cold. They create wonderful dreams ... They are real artists.

Do you have fun with DNR? Are there any funny or crazy stories you can tell us? :)
I have a lot of fun with them ... But it seems for the stories you have to wait a little longer ...

Where do you take the ideas for songs from? (Ann)
At the moment I don't write any.

Would you like to attend a school for music? Would you like to teach music to your children? (Ann)
I don't think, I will ever have children. And I would attend school just for myself.

Is Valentine's Day important for you? (Nastya)
Yes, it is.

Did you read „The Wizard of Oz“, when you were a child? (Nastya)
Yes, and when I grew up, too. A wonderful classic. I like that!

Have you ever read/seen „Twilight“ or „New Moon“ or whatever goes next? What is your attitude towards all this fuss around it? (Nastya)
I saw twilight but it totally goes against my whole image of vampires and I think it is rather a commercial part that concentrates on teenagers. I myself find the stories ludicrous.

What is your favourite place you want to visit in Paris? Would you like to visit this city without giving a concert, just to take your time, wander the streets, doing sightseeing and stuff like that? (Nastya)
I already did this. I love Paris ... although I would prefer to live in this city than to do a continuous sightseeing ... I like the way of life of Paris.

Do you like reading Science-Fiction? If yes, who is your favourite author?
No, I don't read this.

Have you ever considered writing anything besides poetry? Do you think you could ever write a book? I bet you have a lot of stuff to tell … (Nastya)
I already wrote one. It deals with a part of my biography. I wrote it when I was 18.

Do you think, animals should be sacrificed for our pleasure? I mean, in your opinion, is killing animals for fur cruel? Do you think, eating animals is right?
Is this a catch question? Honestly, I don't think much about this. I wear a lot of faux fur ... therefore I must not have a guilty conscience.

Do you believe you're unique? (Starlet)
Everyone is unique.

With which member of Cinema Bizarre you felt most comfortable? (Starlet)
With Shin.

With what did your passion for fans begin? (Helga von Violet)
They always fascinated me. I don't know why ...

Who are your favourite poets? (Helga von Violet)
Heine, Elisabeth.

What do you think about your position of Bizarre Music opinion poll as the best artist 2009? (Luminor no Selene Forum)
Uhm ... Which place did I have?

How did you keep yo many fans concerning you were absent for a year?
I didn't do anything for this. I owe this to all my fans who were so faithful and loyal. And for this I'm thankful until today.

Will you come back to Italy for the rehearsals for the Paris show? If yes, will you organize a signing session? (Luminor no Selene Forum)
Unfortunately, I don't know at the moment.

Your look is a little different from the one some months ago. Did you just want to change a little or does it also reflect an inner change? (Luminor no Selene Forum)
No ... I just wear what I want.

When people talk about you they often label you as „ex Cinema Bizarre“, so they don't see you as a solo artist. Referring to the different ways of music of you and Cinema Bizarre, does this title bother you? (Luminor no Selene Forum)
This always happens if someone leaves a band. Anyway, it all started with CB. You gotta stand this for a while.

Is there anyone from your past whom you want to say sorry? (We don't want to know who, only if there is someone.) (Luminor no Selene Forum)

Is there a promise you regret not being able to keep? (We just want to know if yes of no.) (Luminor no Selene Forum)
Yes, there is ...

Do you ever get bored when people keep telling you you would be special?
No, getting bored is a wrong word. I just wonder sometimes, why.

Is there anything from your „old life“ that you still like to have now that you're famous? And is there something about being famous that you want to erase? (Luminor no Selene Forum)
No ... It's okay ... Anyways, my life is a disaster. With our without fame.

People oftenly have something/someone special that/who gives them the strength to go on. What do you do if this source of strength only makes you weaker? (Luminor no Selene Forum)
At present, I don't have any source. And this is tough.

What do you think about „feeling empty“? (Luminor no Selene Forum)

At what point is your biography? Do you continue? Will you let us read it?
I think, this wouldn't be a good idea ...

Imagine you were a fan of yourself. Which question would you post to yourself? And what would be the answer? (Luminor no Selene Forum)
I think, I wouldn't ask anything ... honestly.

Do you believe in reincarnation? If yes, can you imagine who were you?
No, oh dear! I don't believe in this. Would just be awful.

When you became famous, it was difficult for you to grow accustomed to the success with this high pace of work and always observed by the mass media? (Luminor no Selene Forum)
Didn't bother me particularly. I never prided myself on this. Made no illusions.

At your work, which things can you decide and which ones are imposed by the manager or record company? (Luminor no Selene Forum)
Currently, I'm totally free.

Did you ever think of taking part in a talent show to become famous? Would you like to be in a jury of such a show? (Luminor no Selene Forum)
No, I won't make this. And also no jury.

Did you ever visit Sisi's castle? Would you like to live there – even if it's just for some days? (Luminor no Selene Forum)
Yes, I did visit them ... But if I'd like to live there ... I don't know. Her villa on Korfu, at most. Why should I want to live in a place where she was that miserable ...

Do you use the night to think or is the night made for sleeping (or to do other things ;))? (Luminor no Selene Forum)
Currently, the night is my biggest fear.

Does it bother you if people tell you you should eat more? (Luminor no Selene Forum)
Nobody told me till now.

Do you like the sound of the rain? (Luminor no Selene Forum)
No. I don't really like rain.

Would you like to have a baby? (Luminor no Selene Forum)

Which is your favourite phase of the lunar cycle? (Luminor no Selene Forum)
I don't have any idea of this …

Which is your favourite colour of roses? (Luminor no Selene Forum)
Deep deep red or pristine white.

When you were younger, has someone ever told you that you sing out of tune? (Luminor no Selene Forum)
No, that didn't happen.

Do you ever feel coated with unconditional love (not considering your mother ;))? (Luminor no Selene Forum)
No. This illsuion is over.

Would you ever lend a cartoon character your voice? (Luminor no Selene Forum)
If he'd interest me, why not?

How do you feel if you can't see the moon? (Luminor no Selene Forum)
Not different from usual....

You said you are rather bound to the things you have or had because many things are taken from you. Why do you do so many ebay auctions? (Luminor no Selene Forum)
Because I don't need these things anymore. They are not taken from me.

Did you ever have any misunderstandings because of your appearance? For example, how often did people ask you if you are male or female? (Luminor no Selene Forum)
Yes, sure ... You can't count it anymore.

Did you have fun answering all these questions? (Luminor no Selene Forum)
My pleasure, any time again!


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