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Interview to Lu * By Kousen Luminor Support
....Do you think, a person who loves intensively and gets deeply hurt, can ever love as intensive as before? (SaKi)
Yes, I'm afraid so. Love is damn stupid, isn't it?

How do you imagine your solo carreer? (SaKi)
There is no specific concept. My music will distinctly differ from this that you know from my band period. I want to become a solo artist ... in every way.

Do you want to write songs and music on your own? Or will you get help, e.g. from experienced songwriters or members of other bands?
How about a live band or do you want to be alone on stage for singing? (SaKi)
That all remains to be seen ... Of course, you need a band. But they should stay on the sideline. My further plans are mainly about myself. Writing on my own is difficult for me at this time ... therefore it would be helpful to find ways of expressing what I want to say or feel together with songwriters.

How do you celebrate Christmas? (Kiri, Anne, Ella)
Depends. I hate Christmas and actually I am glad when it's over.

How do you celebrate New Year's Eve? (Kiri, Anne, Ella, Nastya)
See Christmas.

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