Zutto! Zutto......
Luminor loves France, and this one makes it to him good. Of passage in Paris, including an autograph session,
He confides frankly and in any honesty on the after Cinema Bizarre.


Arrived the December 3, the eve of the signing session, Luminor has the form, after several hours repairer spent to the hotel, he joins us at a cafe not far from the Bataclan, here even where he should have played a year ago previously with his ancient group,Cinema Bizarre. If today he is resplendent mood, we owe to the fact that he is in his favorite city. His love of France, and especially to Paris, didn't start yesterday "During my first to come in France with Cinema Bizarre, I had the impression that was the first time I felt respected and understood as an artist " explains Luminor "In Germany, it is more complicated because people have a vision falsified of my personality,they don't really know what to think of me!" Luminor not dried up praise on the French people and their culture. The favorite for our country, he explains it in a very concrete way "I think that the French people have a more refined creative and artistic spirit. In France, it accepts me for what I make and who I am without any artifice"

Totally devastated

If now the fans of Luminor seem totally reassured about his health, it was not always the case, especially when rumors, initiated in part by a German magazine unscrupulous, circulated at the time of cinema bizarre. Rarely the departure of a group like CB will have so much aroused of feedback from the fans. "There were many videos on youtube which said : "Don't do that!" "Stay here ! " "Without you, Cinema Bizarre will be no more what it was", but I knew already that there was no possibility that I come back. It made me very sad for the fans. When I have making the blog, producing my official start, I was totally devastated." It's still with emotion that the singer returns to this very dark period of his life. The tear in his eye, he continues "I decided to look at them not more, they enormously touched me. I realized at this moment that the support of my fans would not arrest with cinema Bizarre.They said to me that I shall return when that would be the good moment. Even when I had no more news to be given to them, they have never stopped believing in me and loving me. I was profoundly touched by their testimonies and their loyalty. " Conscious that the fans wait since its departure for an explanation, but respectful of his former colleagues, Luminor does not too much wish to extend over the question. Yet, in all sympathy, he is revealed as never before. " At the beginning of Cinema Bizarre I was extremely happy, but in the end it was no longer the case. When they evoked my problems of health by saying that I could not go in Scandinavia, was true. I was him but it was not a real disease. I didn't recognize more me.The group will wanted to go in a direction that I could not follow ....I've always been like that. When I'm trapped in a situation and when I try to do the best so that everything is well, my soul says to me Not. This time, it said to me " You are unfortunate, You are sick of this role which you play within the group, the tensions inside CB make you very unhappy , but the decision really came to me at the last moment. Before that, I couldn't arrive to make me a reason ...I have put so much of me in Cinema Bizarre. That's why this decision was extremely difficult. It was my baby but I couldn't it any more."

In Paris February 27

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