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Bizarre_Music: We were glad to hear that you returned to the studio to do some new recordings. Could you drop a hint about this project?
LU: Of course I can ...At the moment i am working with several artists together to do some featuring projects. Which means I won’t get part of a band I am staying on my own but I will be the Featuring singer in this projects. Last weekend i worked together with the artist Nick Page and it was a lot of enjoyment, because he is a great artist to me.

Bizarre_Music: Your fans were quite discontent about some articles in the press. How could you comment it?
Lu: Ah the pleasant press.....! Yes, you are right i know that there were quite confusing reports about me. I do not know theme all but i noticed that some of theme said things like i soon would die and I’d be totally lost and even more bullshit.
Totally i can say about this one thing: It has been complete bullshit!
I don’t know why suddenly the interest appeared in painting me as bad as possible, where the intention came from.
But of course i had always been a quite splitting person .And such persons are always much preferd by critic press.
Let me say some things:

I am NOT dead, i think i am quite alive .
I am not sick to the death .I am feeling quite good.
I am NOT looking like a bone-man .Sometimes Photoshop should be damned)
And the REAL shocking thing ...:
I am NOT permanently depressed! (Some people aren’t clever enough to know that there are sometimes other things showing happiness then a permanent plastic-smile)

Bizarre_Music: You are a wonderful poet. What poets do you like most of all? Are there any places where you get inspiration?
LU: I do not let me inspire by places or such things. My lyrics and poems are always a lil bit autobiographical, which means that i mostly have emotions and thoughts as a subject .It comes as it comes...It is useless for me wanting to write under pressure or just because i think i would have to.
I like Heinrich heine quite well, Morgenstern and the Poems of Elizabeth of Austria.

Bizarre_Music: Have you ever thought about publishing your poems? I’m sure they’d be very popular.
Lu: There were/are some ideas about it but i can’t say that it is in production. I don’t really know if they are good for a huge publishing. They handle quite individual subjects and not everyone can associate something with theme.

Bizarre_Music: What are you expecting from your new project?
LU: I am happy about having the possibility to work again in music scene. For you should know that i never wanted to leave music and especially not singing .It is and will stay my life.
I am happy being free to work with artists i like .I always wanted to. On long sight it is my plan to be back again .With own album, own project. This is what i am working on.

Bizarre_Music: You celebrated your birthday not long ago. How was the celebration? Were there any surprises?
LU: The celebration was fine and i had much fun .I have spent it with people i love and i felt home.

Bizarre_Music: When can we expect to see you back on the stage? Can we wait for a video or an album?
LU: As i told you i am doing everything to make it happen as soon as it is possible. I have many ideas in my head and i want theme to be full filled.

Bizarre_Music: Could you tell us more about your site. What are you going to upload there? Will there be any news about your projects or is it dedicated to you only?
LU: No it is no private side: When i had to cancel my profile on myspace that i had before i wanted to give a possibility to the fans to stay in contact to me.
So as soon ad the informations are fixed they will be published here .When some music is done you will also be able to listen to it .Further i will create a myspace-music site as well of course.
Meanwhile please add the myspace profile: www.myspace.com/wings_of_luminor
This is the ONLY true profile. Please do not believe all the fakes that are spinning around here!

Bizarre_Music: Which gig that you attended impressed you most of all and why?
LU: I think it was sarah brightman . I never saw an artist with that brilliant voice life and with such a wonderful whole created world as her stage show has been .She is a genius!

Bizarre_Music: If you would like to say something to those who supported you while you were working at your project, you can do it here.
LU: I thank you very much for all the faith you give to me and all the support. Please keep on waiting for all the news from me .I am working on give you as much as possible. All my love to you!

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